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Time to share some of our secrets

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We bring you the finest taste from the good old days, so everyone can remember your childhood by taking a bite in our menu.

We dont use Preservatives!

Pot Ice cream has a higher density…

Pot Icecream which is made from by freezing mixture of Ice & Salt, is a steady and slow process of converting milk and ingredients in to ice cream.That’s why its not harmful.

We dont use preservatives…Ice cream is made by Fresh milk, fruits cream and sugar.




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Time to share some of our secrets

The Khatri Brothers started their ice cream endeavours quite modestly. Two decades ago, they decided to make and sell ice cream which was delicious, homemade, and devoid of any harmful additives. Soon enough, Mastani was added to the menu and it’s been a tremendously positive journey for the Khatri Bandhus.

First ice cream stall started near Vitthal Mandir, Rajaram Bridge.

Khatri Ice Cream is the go-to place for authentic pot ice creams in India.

Summer would not be summer without Ice-cream. Ice-cream is the favorite currency of love.

It is like a temptation to eat ice cream instead of something that is better for you.

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